PRATT Anti Scald Valve Kit 95'F/ 35'C Rated Temperature

Product Code: SEAS

  • Features
  • Anti Scald Valve
  • Where safety showers are located outdoors and exposed to the sun, the stored water, within the shower can reach excessive temperatures. AS4775 states that temperatures in excess of 38'C can be harmful to the eyes and can enhance chemical interaction with the eyes and skin.
  • The Anti-Scald Valve is designed to automatically bleed off the stored hot water within the safety shower allowing cooler water from the supply line to enter and reduce the water temperature to safer levels.
  • The Valve has an operating temperature range of: Opens at - 35'C. Closes at - 29.4'C
  • The Valve is sensitive to water temperature only and unaffected by pressure changes.
  • The PRATT Anti-Scald Valve Kit can be fitted to new or existing safety showers with a suitable 15mm (1/2?) male connection.
  • The Valve has a stainless steel body, fittings, spring and plug
  • The Kit includes stainless steel connection fittings and flexible waste outlet hose.
  • Type: Spare part
  • Rec Min Connection: 15mm
  • Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Australian Standard: AS4775 * 2